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Mapping enables us to partner with our client's Board and Human Resource function to identify, monitor and develop the careers of the leading commercial talent and rising stars within this sector.

This assignment will proactively and confidentially deliver upper quartile professionals in advance of requirements rather than the hand to mouth distressed purchase which regularly falters when hiring managers are heard to say ‘we need someone today’.

Talent mapping is true consultancy. Indeed it is the very antithesis of agency recruitment which relies on databases of antiquated CV’s in the hope that one of those lying dormant may tick enough of the boxes to warrant an offer when in that distressed state.

If you are interested in joining a confidential career search in the Stockbroking and Spread Betting sector and are motivated by the thought of joining a business so proactive in its investment based approach despite the current economic challenges, then we would like to meet you confidentially as soon as possible

(Ref: DH/IND/72)

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