We acknowledge that the probability of an assignment landing on our desk matching your requirements at the precise time you may be contemplating a change is negligible. As a result we only partner with upper quartile candidates who wish to be consulted about their requirements and subsequently have their career search proactively managed.

We invest time and effort partnering with professionals who seek a genuinely bespoke career search and do not wish to lay dormant on a database. As we expect specific criteria from clients undertaking talent searches, candidates’ input is critical to the overall success. Working this way is often the beginning of mutually beneficial long term relationships with a search consultant that ambitious individual’s too often struggle to find.

Candidates are treated as tomorrow’s clients and as such are prepared for all meetings with role & person specifications, company profiles, press articles, financial reports, interviewer detail and other decision making tools such as our industry renowned relocation profiles for making that crucial final decision. Please be advised that a significant proportion of our assignments will for confidentiality reasons not be advertised. Therefore we would welcome the submission of your CV on the same confidential basis. Our candidate charter ensures that we will contact you within 48 hours of receipt.

Be Informed

Relocation profiles enable candidates and their families to make informed decisions as to the viability of such a serious commitment. Our reports provide documentary evidence to support the process and include detail on:

  • standard of living
  • climate
  • crime rates
  • education
  • healthcare provision
  • house prices
  • sports and social scenes