Outsourced HR

Typically hiring a £120k candidate will cost an organisation around £540k in salary and benefits alone over three years. Despite this organisation’s spend on average less than four hours interviewing a candidate at this level and still often rely on intuition and the credibility of referees supplied by the candidate themselves.

Our 360 degree search methodology means that key competencies of your top performers are established and then applicants are benchmarked against them throughout the process. Candidates are assessed with competency based interviewing techniques, a variety of bespoke psychometric and assessment tools and finally with a 360 degree reference gaining first hand information on a candidate from line managers, colleagues, direct reports and customers.

Post placement offerings are critical to our success and client retention rates, as we undertake process evaluations to ensure that the hire is not only successful but also on course for promotion allowing us to succession plan effectively and continually develop the business relationship.

Such a comprehensive process goes far beyond traditional agency offerings and with our independent HR partner we are better placed than ever to deliver each assignment with imagination and initiative, demonstrating our belief that retention and development is as important to ourselves as any successful hire.

Service Proposition

"Without conflict of interest is a key element of our boutique offering and to illustrate our client-centric approach, our consultants are rewarded by the quality of the assignment delivered by you the client".