Effective search is reliant on sector knowledge, thought leadership and a passionate commitment to delivery.

Resourcing decisions on any scale cannot simply be evaluated by the quality of the ‘match’ or ‘fit’ of the shortlisted candidates, it is about delivery. The pros and cons of Search are plain for all to see as making un-solicited approaches to those outside the existing candidate network has a high degree of risk.

We undertake each assignment with imagination and initiative believing that the candidate relationship with the search consultant is the most important element to complete an effective search assignment. With decisions affecting not only candidates and clients but also the lives of families, Brunello invest a significantly larger proportion of time with candidates to ensure the fit is right for all parties concerned. Our proactive Search process includes:

  • clear definition of the role and comprehensive assignment brief
  • development of competency framework
  • rigorous search both in and outside the sector
  • competency based interviews
  • presentation of shortlisted candidates (curriculum vitae, consultant profiling report, psychometric profile with independent feedback and/or any other agreed assessment tools)
  • consultant and client interview short-listed candidates together
  • 360 degree reference on successful candidate
  • process management from negotiation of compensation and benefits through to resignation
  • Post placement review and talent mapping strategy to ensure effective succession planning policy

Service Proposition


“It is imperative that clients understand why they lose employees and one reason why our assignment delivery rates are so high. A recent survey cited 45% of employees left for promotions, 34% for increased pay and 30% due to a perceived lack of development or opportunities.”