There exist many instances when a client requirement can be broad and widening the potential talent pool through the appropriate usage of advertised selection is appropriate in such instances. Selection enables clients to utilise the most relevant on and or offline media to attract potential browsers, whilst also maximising the cost effectiveness by using it as a dual branding exercise to spread the word of their latest products, services or general good news.

With our exceptional media relationships we will undertake a comprehensive review to establish the most effective media and with a decade of experience of creating interesting copy that can be used high profile to make a marketing splash or low profile to maximise the response and not preclude those with pre-conceived ideas about your business, our advertised selection is effective.

  • clear definition of the role and comprehensive assignment brief
  • development of competency framework
  • creative copy published in appropriate media
  • competency based interviews
  • presentation of shortlisted candidates (curriculum vitae, consultant profiling report, psychometric profile with independent feedback and/or any other agreed assessment tools)
  • consultant and client interview short-listed candidates together
  • 360 degree reference on successful candidate
  • process management from negotiation of compensation and benefits through to resignation
  • Post placement review and talent mapping strategy to ensure effective succession planning policy
  • establishment of relevance of remaining applicants to other parts of the organisation
  • honest feedback to all applicants

Service Proposition

Diverse Appeal

“60% of employers recognised diversity management makes good business sense in terms of recruitment and retention, with 41% advertising roles in different recruitment sources to attract interest from under-represented groups”. CIPD