With the currency of the ‘old industrial age economy’ being tangible assets and the ‘new economy’ driven by knowledge, relationships and values, the need to utilise human capital is more important than ever before.

Managing diversity is not the promotion of positive discrimination but ensuring that the workforce consists of a broad base of differing ages, backgrounds, disabilities, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.

The provision of opportunities to the widest cross section of workforce not only increases the global talent pool, but also has far reaching benefits opening up a wider customer base and new markets. Organisations embracing diverse values are proven to be more attractive to potential employees.

The white middle-class male profile served as the profile for most boards and senior management teams over the past decades, the same parallel can be drawn with the search industry. As we seek to achieve a model of best practice this antiquated stereotype drives change within both Brunello and our clients businesses.


Recent research from one of the big four showed a 40% decline in the number of women holding senior management positions in the 350 largest companies listed on the stock market between 2002 and 2007.